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Maine Prison Inmate Search

Maine Prison Inmate Search

Maine public records of prisons and jails will normally post information on arrests and sometimes active warrants. An inmate search is information regarding people currently incarcerated is made available as a public service. It's important to remember that a person who is currently incarcerated in Maine does not necessarily mean they have been convicted of a crime. Some county jails hold accused people who are awaiting trial and cannot afford bail or not eligible for a bail bond. All persons should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

When performing a Maine inmate search there is some information you'll need. Normally you can begin with their name, but some prisons will require you to know a bit more about them, like their prison inmate number, housing unit etc. and will have restrictions on what you can and cannot send an inmate.

Maine inmates can also be housed in other prison facilities on the mainland. Maine's prisons are full, as most other United States prisons, so they often times will send prisoners to be housed at prisons that are willing to accept their prisoners.

All justice information centers have criminal records search access to thousands of documents relating to the criminal pasts of many of Maine's citizens, but regular citizens like you and I don't... so that's where this inmate search service comes in. So whether you are looking for dirt on your neighbor or are worried about your daughter's thug boyfriend, get the answers you need right away.

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